Remember When We Said Goodbye?

Home Front Official.jpg

You are invited.

On October 19, at 6:00 PM, Lindsey Backen invites you to the Palacios Pavilion to experience the heyday of WWII. Dinner guests will enjoy chicken a la king served on puffed pastries with wedged salad. Actors will portray the storyline of several characters as they navigate the war years in Palacios. Swing Dancers will kick off the dance, then open the dance floor for anyone who wants to add their own style to the dance floor. If you have questions or need help making a reservation, please email Lindsey at or call 361-554-3122. You may also pay Lindsey at the Palacios Library or Sharon at the Palacios Museum and pick up your tickets in person. Tickets are $50/person and on sale until September 3oth.

The Luther Hotel, which was around during the war years, has offered a complimentary room for October 19th. Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered into the drawing, so one lucky couple will get to extend their romantic night with a stroll down the bay right into the same hotel where soldiers used to line up to the street for a five-minute call home.